Google Cloud Fundamentals


Google Cloud Fundamentals


What is Google Cloud Platform?

Google Cloud Platform is a fully managed cloud computing service offered by Google. It was launched back in 2008. It offers a wide range of services for compute, storage and application development. Anyone can access Google Cloud Services from a software developer, cloud administrators, and other enterprises IT professionals over the public internet or a private dedicated network.


Top 10 Reasons to Learn GCP

1. Easy to Use


One of the major reasons why Google Cloud Platform is spreading its wing is its simple and easy-to-use interface. We are already familiar with many daily usable services from Google, such as Gmail, Youtube, Google Search, etc. They are all straightforward to use. In the same way, you can access the entire Google Cloud Platform by just creating a Google account on Google gives $300 credit for the period of 90 Days to all the new users to consume Google Cloud Services.

2. Flexibility and Scalability


Google provides a great feature to scale services up and down as per the requirement automatically. The Custom Machine feature of GCP helps users create customized machines with scalability options, and users consume only required resources for their operations. This reduces the cost and increases efficiency. Hence, it is recommended to learn GCP to solve complex IT tasks.

3. Specialized Services

Google Cloud Platform offers a wide range of high-performing services such as Compute, Storage, Databases, IoT, Management Tools, Security, etc. These services are perfectly designed by taking care of the individual user’s and enterprise’s needs as per their business.


4. Global Architecture

GCP is one of the global leaders in providing cloud services. It is especially known for its plethora of services and all-time availability. It has 27 regions, 82 zones, 146 network edge locations, and more than 200 countries and territories.


5. Consistency and Reliability


GCP is the most consistent and reliable cloud computing platform that provides on-demand services. Customers can easily build and manage websites using it. Reliability is the unique selling point of GCP. It is achieved through multiple backups of servers at different locations.

6. Serverless Technology


Serverless architecture is a blessing for developers. Google Cloud Platform sends constant updates, upgrades and adds new features to the services provided to the users. Hence, rather than maintaining the infrastructure and other software, developers can directly focus on the development part of the application. Serverless Computing helps large enterprises to build magnificent products as they do not need to concern about maintaining servers and databases on their own.

7. Best Pricing


Pricing is another domain where Google Cloud is way ahead of its competitors. You can set up your account without paying any penny. Google Cloud provides lots of free credits to explore its services and learn GCP. If you use those services for a longer run, you can also avail of discounts from Google.

It also provides an amazing feature called a pricing calculator. You can calculate the price of the services you will use to keep track of your expenses.

8. Cloud Security


All data in the Google Cloud Platform is encrypted. So users are fully assured that their data is fully safe and secure. It also offers Identity and Security services such as cloud data prevention API. It helps users manage sensitive data by providing a fast and scalable classification of data elements such as passport number, credit card type, etc.

The identity and Access Management feature ensures that only authorized users are signing in and using services.

9. Certifications

Google provides many certifications for all those aspirants who want to make their future in the cloud domain and learn GCP. GCP Certifications are divided into three-level.

  • Foundational Level
  • Associate Level
  • Professional Level

10. Google Itself

Although we discussed so many points to learn GCP, you can Google yourself about all the facts discussed above. Google has an extensive database that handles youtube, Gmail, google searches, and many other things. But you never heard any news in the past years regarding downtime in google services. Hence, it is a reliable, consistent, highly available, secure, and cost-effective solution.

Services Offered by GCP

GCP provides a wide range of services for various domains listed below:

  1. Compute Engine – Compute Engine is a virtual machine that runs on Google’s infrastructure. It offers highly scalable computing power that can be customized to meet the needs of any workload. It’s ideal for businesses that need to run large-scale, resource-intensive applications or workloads.
  2. Kubernetes Engine – Kubernetes Engine is a managed service that simplifies the deployment and management of containerized applications. It automates the process of scaling, upgrading, and monitoring containers, making it easy for businesses to deploy and manage their applications.
  3. Cloud Storage – Cloud Storage is a highly scalable and durable object storage service. It allows businesses to store and retrieve data in the cloud, making it easy to access from anywhere. It’s ideal for businesses that need to store large amounts of unstructured data, such as images, videos, and backups.
  4. BigQuery – BigQuery is a fully-managed, serverless data warehouse that enables businesses to analyze large datasets quickly and easily. It’s designed for businesses that need to perform complex queries on massive datasets, such as those generated by e-commerce or online advertising.
  5. Cloud AI Platform – Cloud AI Platform is a suite of tools that helps businesses build, train, and deploy machine learning models. It includes pre-built models, APIs, and tools for custom model training and deployment. It’s ideal for businesses that want to leverage machine learning to gain insights from their data.
Google Cloud Fundamentals


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